The Trading Composure Pack

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"If you can put a system in place to reduce your emotional involvement in trading, you'll do good."


My name is Yvan!

I've been trading for a living for well over 10 years now. It's 99.99% mindset. No question! I'm able to trade for a living not because my trading strategies are fool proof. No strategy ever is. I'm able to do so because my number one priority is emotional management. If you can put a system in place to reduce your emotional involvement in trading, you'll do good. Really good!

The Trading Psychology Mastery Course and The Trading For A Living Course were both designed as a response to an ever growing number of requests I receive for coaching and/or mentoring. Both courses are complete programs for change where I show you my proven and tested methods for achieving success in the markets... and fast!

The Trading psychology Mastery Course

"We’re going to practice together!"

In The Trading Psychology Mastery course, we work on dismantling some destructive habits of the mind that cause you to lose in the markets repeatedly. I’m going to help you gain a better understanding of yourself, and with that understanding comes better clarity, patience, focus, wise discernment, resilience -- all of those wholesome qualities that a good trader must possess.

I’m not going to throw rehashed things at you. No. We’re going to practice together!

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The Trading For A Living Course

"How to build a strong trading career..."

Then there is The Trading For A Living Course. This course is the next step! In there, I show you my trading strategies, I show you how I run my trading business from A to Z. You’ll see the kind of money that I make monthly from the business (a complete report with screenshots), and we'll go through my best trading practices. Essentially, I’m sharing my proven business template. I show you how to build a strong trading career and I show you how you can build a reliable stream of monthly income, minus the stress.

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Both courses compliment each other and, for this reason, I'm making them available in a bundle. 

When buying them separately, they're priced at $199 each, but if you get The Trading Composure Pack, you get 25% off. 

That's $100 off! 

So, grab the bundle and start learning.

The Trading Composure Pack includes these courses

Trading Psychology Mastery Course
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Trading For A Living: Create A Lucrative Trading Business, Travel the World, And Work For Less Than 20h/week
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